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Notice to staff affected by Galichia’s Hospital Group non-payment of wages

Attention Former KMC Staff

It has come to our attention that your employer, Galichia Hospital Group, does not intend to compensate its employees who have worked at the KMC campus for PTO or wages owed via the WARN Act for the time period between KMC’s closure on 4/8/19 through 5/1/19, the previously planned hospital closure date. KMC appreciates your loyal service and recognizes the difficult position and hardship that Galichia’s decision has created. We would like to offer to purchase your claim against Galichia from you for an amount approximately the same as, or possibly higher than, the full amount of your claim.


By providing the below requested information, KMC will notify you of the amount we will pay you for an assignment of your claims described above. We will also notify you of the manner to submit your claim and receive payment if the amount offered is acceptable to you. You will be required to sign an assignment agreement which we will provide to you if you wish to accept the offer. No payment will be made until the assignment agreement is returned to KMC.

This Offer Ends May 1, 2019.


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