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Healthcare Facilities Acreditation Program

Healthcare Facilities Acreditation Program

Kentuckiana Medical Center awarded HFAP accreditation

[Clarksville, IN] – Kentuckiana Medical Center was awarded accreditation from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP), an independent, accreditation organization recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It earned this distinction after HFAP conducted an extensive and objective review of the (hospital, lab, ambulatory physical therapy, etc)’s quality and safety standards.

“Kentuckiana Medical Center clearly demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care,” said Joshua Prober, JD CEO of HFAP. “We base our decision on federal standards, as well as recognized national standards for patient safety, quality improvement, and environmental safety. Kentuckiana Medical Center met or exceeded standards in every case.”

“We’re proud to achieve this prestigious distinction,” said Michael Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Kentuckiana Medical Center. “By awarding us accreditation, HFAP has recognized our commitment to providing outstanding care to our patients and our community. In fact, quality is consistently the priority focus in our strategic plans and goals.”

The HFAP is a non-profit, nationally recognized accreditation organization. It has been accrediting healthcare facilities for more than 60 years and under Medicare since its inception. Its mission is to advance high quality patient care and safety through objective application of recognized standards. Its accreditation is recognized by the federal government, state governments, managed care organizations, and insurance companies. For more information, go to:



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