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Galichia Hospital Group Takes Over Management of Kentuckiana Medical Center

Galichia Hospital Group Takes Over Management of Kentuckiana Medical Center

CLARKSVILLE, Ind., Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/  Galichia Hospital Group (GHG), a national healthcare development firm, has taken over management of the Kentuckiana Medical Center (KMC). The announcement is made by GHGs Chairman & CEO Joseph P. Galichia, M.D., F.A.C.C., who says: Our groups first order of business is the launch of a new state-of-the-art Emergency Department at the medical center, followed by an increase in patient rooms from 34 to 46, of which 12 will include telemetry-monitoring.

The Galichia organization has relocated Michael Phillips from its Wichita, Kansas, headquarters to Clarksville to serve as KMCs CEO and lead the medical centers expansion efforts going forward. Previously, Mr. Phillips served as the CEO for Galichia Medical Group, a large and growing multi-specialty physician group that provides comprehensive medical services to all of Wichitas hospitals, and throughout the State of Kansas. Mr. Phillips served as a key member of the team that recently negotiated the sale of Galichia Heart Hospital to HCA, which closed February 2012.

Further, at the request of local physicians, KMC is also installing a large scope of new equipment at the facility.

Dr. Galichia explains: We asked local physicians what tools they needed at Kentuckiana to provide the best possible care to patients, and weve purchased exactly what they requested. We had the physicians speak directly to vendors, so the physicians could offer input at every step of the process.

Like KMC, our groups Galichia Heart Hospital in Kansas also had its roots in cardiac and surgical care. Further, our team has had extensive hands-on experience adding an Emergency Department to the mix at a hospital much like KMC, and proven our ability to successfully reduce patient wait times for those needing emergency care. To put it simply, the opportunity to provide leadership at Kentuckiana was a fit in many ways for our organization. Were thrilled to now be part of the Clarksville community.

GHGs philosophy is to give physicians the tools they need to provide the highest quality care for their patients. Our thinking is, who knows better than physicians how to care for patients, so we give them what they need, Dr. Galichia says, In fact, for those area physicians reading this announcement who are looking for a Physician Centric environment to care for patients, we encourage them to contact the KMC management team for details regarding privileges at 812-284-6100.

About Kentuckiana Medical Center

KMC employs close to 200 people and is located just off U.S. 31 in Clarksville, IN, which is part of the greater Louisville Metropolitan area. KMC recently received approval (as of July 30, 2013) for its Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization.

KMC has been serving the community of Southern Indiana and Kentucky since 2009, while working to overcome significant financial distress during the 2008-2009 recession. Seiller Waterman, LLC, has exclusively represented the interests of KMC throughout the Chapter 11 process and successfully negotiated agreements with all of the affected creditors of the Plan. The successful confirmation of the Plan in July was a critical turning point for KMC and the subsequent release of payment to creditors on November 7, 2013. The settlement agreement will allow KMC, the physicians, and its new management team to move forward. For more information about Kentuckiana Medical Center, visit

About Galichia Hospital Group

Guided by Dr. Joseph Galichia, GHGs mission is to provide integrated healthcare systems that provide the highest quality care possible.  The Groups model is to provide efficient, cost-effective health care services that meet the needs of the community while embracing the concept that patient care comes first. This vision is based on Dr. Galichias experience providing medical care in many international locales and various healthcare systems. For more information, visit:

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